Bart Luyckx

Bart Luyckx started photograpy when he was twelve.
His first camera was a Konica C-35, which he received as a gift from his father. This camera gave him the opportunity to experience the ‘joy of imagery’ for the first time.

Born in Genk, Belgium, in 1965, Bart Luyckx never got a formal art education. His fascination for films by Tarkovsky, Lang and Hitchcock gave him his first insights into composition. He got a masters degree in communication at the KUL (Catholic University of Louvain). During his studies he had the good fortune to be able to include many film related subjects in his curriculum. 

It was only later in life, after digital camera’s had become ubiquitous, that Bart Luyckx delved deeper in the theory and practice of photography and the old love was easily rekindled.

Bart Luyckx has since also mastered Photoshop and Lightroom. His HDR imagery is mostly photorealistic.